• June 4, 2019

I did come up with an alternative install had there not been enough clearance – where the connectors wrap around the backside of the motherboard and exit a hole drilled through the back where I would have installed something like an electrical hobby box containing the SATA to eSATA adapter, but decided not to mess with removing the display, motherboard and all the connectors just to get back there!! Oct 2, I asked if he could send a pix of that – he said he would over the weekend. Oct 2, 4: I will upgrade to

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Old iMac, New life.

Oct 3, 9: I wound not pay for a standard estata port, but I would pay For a port multiplier port. Also there is a SATA connection male connector at the base to the mpx-33132 of the memory slot. The hidden latches, which you release with a bent credit card inserted through the upper venting slot, posed the greatest difficulty.

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SATA was never intended as an outside-the-box connection. Where do we put the eSATA port? None of these can match the performance potential of SATA, so all will strangle the performance of the iMac. It may be mx-3132 mini PCIe interface…but whether or not that enables all such cards to be compatible with the slot is something we have not investigated…because again, not offering anything that would warrant such investigation.


Four Ways to Add eSATA to Your iMac

As for the port multiplier… no… it will not work. What if, though, we offered a turnkey service for adding this interface to your new iMac? Here some real world copy tests: It was relatively easy considering that is was my first time opening the iMac. For the vast majority of users, this is more than sufficient.

Photo Gallery – iMac Mini-PCIe SATA Card Install/Mod for eSATA use

I had to cut holes into the two layers of material of the lower right mlx-3132 intake. Ask a question Reset. We are simply extending the single-channel internal port to a more accessible external port.

Go to Current News Page. This is because you don’t see whether or not you have engaged the latches. They don’t sell a do-it-yourself kit, one has to send their iMac to them. Maybe because the card replaced the airport card.

iMac SATA Card Install/Mod for eSATA use

I think the main difference with this upgrade is that the port is inside, not being used at all. This works and the machine doesn’t slow down anymore. You could offer a service like this on a Mac Mpx-3312 server edition as well… Rather than the 2 drives inside, put in only 1 and put an eSATA on the outside. So I am glad to be able to give something back.


As you have a 24″ iMac the answer to your question is no.

Oct 8, 4: Storage consists of two internal SATA ports: Any chance you guys could become resellers for Mac? It is possible to convert mpx–3132 to eSATA using a proper cable, but no one seems to make exactly the right one.

Can you confirm if the slot is in fact standard pcie on the iMac? Thanks again for taking the time to send this. Im in green valley. Of course you will lose wireless mox-3132, but you can always use the ethernet port or a usb wireless network adapter. I bought it here in Germany product page link It came with two cables.