• June 30, 2019

Log in or Sign up. When I see a good used one for a cheap price, I snag it. Which OS are you using – XP, ? Maybe I had programs that were starting that were conflicting with the mouse drivers or i was using to much memory on start and it was affecting the mouse. Our simple rules, follow them!

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Is this still in production?

ESR – Wheel Mouse Optical a

I have tried this Optical mouse on my other PC and it works fine. How is sniping on it? It feels like it lags a bit, moves slower and moves longer than the normal non-skipped flick. Which OS are you using – XP, ? You are viewing our forum as a wgeelmouse.

Hi Tony, Thx but I have done all of that and no luck.


Anything is better than that analog stick so im just posting this to see some discussion about low DPI mouses for future XIM3 user’s to see Are there any 11.a with high DPI with a similar body to my microsoft mouse? The ideological conflict that used to divide the parties was the size of government. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


My receiver is 3 inches away from my keyboard, Never felt like i had any lag on PC, Connecting it to the xim3 shouldn’t be any different. Can you try another mouse on the laptop? As of right now in terms optocal price to performance and similar shape, the Nixeus Revel which again is a Intellimouse Optical 1.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I’m not sure if wheelmpuse is the 1.

Adds inconsistency And I think it’s not about how fast I flick it, since I can never do that skipping-effect? Mon, 16 September Dunno if it’s mjcrosoft faulty one or what’s wrong.

Will see if it same as original. What I need from mouse is: In Microcener, I played with Zowie Za11, and it similar to Microsoft’s mouse, but clicks are more noisy, and middle click is little harder to click.

Microsoft wheel mouse optical a replace :: Hardware and Operating Systems

If you have the same problem it is fairly certain that the problem lies in the computer. Please if anyone knows any fix about this problem, pls share it with me so I could stop pulling my hair of my head, LOL Thx, Stephan. No, create an account now. If you don’t need the extra buttons then might aswell stick with the WMO.


When you reboot, try installing a standard USB? If you wish to be represented send us proof of your connection to a opticsl official email or something similar and we will verify you.

Norway Just one more thing. In my opinion its better than Intellimouse 5 buttons in shape? How microskft could the lag be? I buy them all the time in the UK. Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical 1.

Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1a Wired USB and Ps/2 Compatible OEM White

It feels a bit random. So, I am not alone. Our simple rules, follow them! Tested a bit and I think it skips only when I lift the mouse at same time when I do a fast flick move.