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Posted on Sunday, December 18, – This cannot be right. If you know the names of the tracks and the number you can also put that in to help you find the tracks on the MP3 player. Posted on Thursday, January 18, – I have had it for 3 months and have still had no help to put music onto it.

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I take no responsibility if you brick your player. Use Windows media player to transfer your music to your player. Posted on Sunday, May 28, – I’m quiting for tonight. Posted on Saturday, March 10, – Cannot get Audiophole to work at all.

Logik MP3 help!!! –

Antony karatzas New member Username: Even the so called ‘manuel’ could have been produced better by a schoolkid. I would very much appreciate the pdf. If I deleted the songs I had previously copied onto my computer and loigk them again with v9, they then play absolutely fine on the mp3.


Then put the headphones on and slowly increase the volume until you find a comfortable listening level. Posted on Tuesday, December 26, – Posted on Tuesday, November 29, – Tried to format it – doesn’t work, still get frozen.

Posted on Monday, February 08, – Posted on Tuesday, January 03, – Orsi Vida New member Username: 2b Cunningham New member Username: Posted on Sunday, February 12, – Posted on Monday, December 05, – Soory – we’ve all been duped. I have 4 songs on there don’t ask me how.

Posted on Thursday, December 14, – I am going to return this tomorrow unless someone has a fix. Trevor Moore New member Username: I could see some people had the same thing – has anybody found out why is it so?

Logik MP3 Player Manuals

Posted on Sunday, February 26, – Posted on Wednesday, January 04, – Press 2b Skip buttons to select “Source”. I must admit i was at the end of my tether until i accidentally came across this way to move my music around! I deside to let windows get the drivers from this folder and I should have guessed it was cheap by the action on the buttons!


Advanced Settings Advanced Settings To navigate the settings menu. You can guess what it’s saying and type that in. Posted on Saturday, November 12, –