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How does the information on this page help you? So, they called their “guru” tech at a 3rd company. At the end of an hour and a half phone call, they offered to send me another multi-function, my 2nd replacement. This is no ordinary household printer — its girth puts it strictly in the domain of small businesses and medium-sized offices. And, the old fax machine works fine plugged into the same phone jack, so surely it’s not the wiring in the house? I messed around with customer support it takes so long for them to go through every one of their step by step diagnoses scripts.

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When a fax call comes in on the main number, the Brother fax machine answers it, and successfully receives the fax. I bought a Brother multi-function, MFC cw, a couple of months back. They’re in this business and it’s not anything Intelliax done wrong. Wireless, Ethernet and fax connectivity are provided, plus 64MB of memory, and a maximum resolution of xdpi round out the package.

Contact Us Product Registration Visit www. The whole time, I’ve been having trouble receiving faxes. So, I called Brother again mad they sent me a replacement.

Reconditioned Brother Faxes

And, they had me bring it into their local warranty center who played with it and it worked fine. Cheaper than getting a really expensive and probably slower one, then having a really old one 3 years from now that you’re still using. They are wonderful machines for the price.


Skip to main content. We almost had trouble finding a desk big enough to support the hulk considering that it dwarfed pretty much everything we put around it. I’ve been using multi-functions for years. To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below. On a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

Uninstall the drivers. (Mac OS X or greater) | Brother

Now, there are conversions to IP. Tue Mar 17, So, they called their “guru” tech at a 3rd company. Relatively affordable for its feature set. I figured the support center must have fixed something somehow even though they told me they didn’t. I did get back on the phone with Brother warranty support today. They talked about the issue and he found out that it was widespread. I’ve got 11 of them. Anybody know if it’s a valid reason to get a warranty refund because other fax machines work fine in your home, but this model just doesn’t?

Plugged everything in real quick, called Brother to send me a test fax and receiving it failed. A different way to explain it is that you’re one phone line has two phone numbers.


So during the “double ring” the other fax machine might be giving out the start tone and your machine’s got no clue what’s going on. The “double ring” might be effecting how your machine picks up. So, let them eat the costs of this weird stuff with phone systems. Both the Canon and the Brother would answer at the same time, thus confusing all fax machines involved and the fax would 4010e. Wed Mar 18, Contact Us Product Registration.

Reconditioned Brother Fax Machines

Design Here in the testing intellifqx at CNET Australiawe are quick perhaps a little too quickto point out the brohher design flaws, abnormalities and general unsightliness of the devices brother mfccw pass through our hands each day. Have you checked the manuals? When I first got it, the couple of faxes I tried receiving didn’t work at all. Very helpful Helpful Not helpful.

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