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Annotate on the go Press the commentary button and record voice comments on a separate microphone with a dedicated channel either before, during or after a measurement. How-to videos and tutorials User manual: Types and Instruction manual: The large screen is touch sensitive and the user-interface is really intuitive with context-sensitive on-screen help in case you get stuck of course the included quick guide should also help. Contact Us info enfonic. Sound Insulation BZ Get Waves directly in your inbox.

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Type -E | Sound Level Meter | Hire | Bruel & Kjaer | B&K | Enfonic

Outdoor Noise Meter Enclosure – updated Type S can be expanded with specialized applications such as building acoustics, FFT analysis, tone assessment and noise and vibration. Frequency and Time Histories, Broadband and Spectra. Please order any extra items from the lists below and only pay for what you need. We use cookies to ensure our website works properly, to measure traffic, and to collect user statistics that will enable us to make our site more user-friendly.

Sound level meter

These sound level meters have been developed specifically for measuring occupational, environmental and product noise. Reverberation Time Analyser Software.

Probably our favourite Sound Level Meter and perfect v&k almost all applications. Recommended Accessories Standard Tripod. Subscribe to Waves and get the stories from the world of sound and vibration Get Waves directly in your inbox Industry innovation Customer case studies. Vibration Calibrator – hand held.


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If you continue to browse the site, you will accept our use of cookies. The optional applications are: In addition, if your measurements require spectral bk& e. Subscribe to Waves and get the stories from the world of sound and vibration. They come with the basic applications package for Type Light, a microphone and a preamplifier: Type Light is a basic class 1 sound level meter.

Type S Hand-held analyzer Type S is a compact and rugged class 1 sound level meter. Minimum hire term of 4 days Recommended Accessories Standard Tripod. More details including the full Product Data can be found here. Type E is a Class 1 meter 22550 all the necessary broadband parameters and real-time frequency spectra.

Read more about cookies. Type S is a class 1 sound level meter SLM that comes with the microphone, preamplifier and basic applications you need to get started with accurate environmental, occupational and b&m measurement tasks. Specifications Software included BZ The built-in flexibility of these instruments allows you to add applications and other hardware to expand their capabilities beyond the range of the standard SLM, from OHS to building acoustics b&j reverberation time to FFT analysis and vibration and low-frequency analysis, even to sound power and intensity and noise source identification applications.


Pocket Weather Meter – Anemometer. Type overview Instruction manual: With stylus for precise interactions.

Type S 22250 a compact and rugged class 1 sound level meter. The comments file is then attached to the measurement project as documentation. Or 2520 can avail of our data downloading service. Frequency Analysis BZ Get Waves directly in your inbox. All our meters are delivered with the Sound AnalysisFrequency AnalysisLogging and Recording options, additional modules detailed below may be added as required.

Types and Hand-held Analyzer Types W and W for Vibration Measurements How-to videos and tutorials Acciona Infrastructure Urban noise planning and mapping Room and building acoustics Post-processing software for sound level and vibration meters Sound level meter kits.

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