• March 27, 2019

The net result of all of these corrections is that the coordinates get transformed into what may be called the local Topocentric reference frame, sometimes called Epoch of Date EOD, or JNow. As noted above in What’s New 7 , this version of the driver supports Sync internal to this driver. There are a few issues that might make planetarium software GoTos appear to be less accurate than those initiated by the ServoCAT hand pad. If the serial port connection hangs, your computer system may become unresponsive. If the issue is something as basic as a COM object not registering itself properly with the operating system, they should be able to see that and know what needs to be done to fix it. Typically, the user must tell the planetarium software their site elevation, latitude and longitude.

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For more information on some of these settings, see the following section What if GoTos are not as accurate as I would like?

Alert: ASCOM broken by windows update! – General – Main Sequence Software

I tested TheSky Pocket Edition v1. Clear skies, Ivo May the weather be with you!

There is no harm in leaving an old version, since all important files are overwritten and a new version will re-use any applicable driver parameters. At work, where we made microanalysis systems, we would supply a PC as part of the system. It looks like a driver, but it can allow more than one program to connect to it, and it in turn connects to the driver for the real device.

As noted above in What’s New 7this version of the driver supports Sync loar to this driver.


Version 6.1 SP1

If it all works, I will probably stick with Win7 until hardware or software compatability issues force me to change. The installer will advise you if your PC does not have the required support and will request that you install it before continuing with the installation. Here is what one source Tenforums had to say: Framework 4 has been available for a number of years and is provided for all operating systems that the Platform supports Windows XP onwards.

We would discourage running additional software.

Driver error Ascom Skywatcher in The Sky X Pro – Software Bisque

In at least one case, planetarium software is known to query the ASCOM driver for observing site latitude and longitude, and then set the observing location to these retrieved values, overriding any other user supplied settings. We are getting very close to just nuking W 10 and reinstalling 7 on chooset astro-imaging machines. Since most people will have downloaded and installed Platform v6. Was is removed with the latest cumulative update?

If you are running Windows 10 Pro you can permanently disable automatic updates to give yourself as much time as needed to get updated ASCOM drivers. Here is a link to his post: Chooserr this post Link to post Share on other sites.

I have seen situations, when using a USB to serial adapter, where the telescope connection can only be established once per software session, and subsequent attempts may require that you restart your planetarium software. Also check to be sure you are using the correct COM port.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. In fact, when I first purchased the Nightscape camera there was an issue with the driver, in that it was failing to properly close the internal shutter when taking darks. SCU offers the following capabilities:.


This driver may also work well in earlier versions of these products. Any additional aligns or syncs that alter what you see in the eyepiece must be done using the Argo Navis, tp planetarium software based aligns and syncs are not communicated back to the Argo Navis.

When the driver reports Sidereal time, it is based on the computer clock and the user specified longitude.

The Cooser Console test application template now provides the missing app. This has resulted in v5. I guess I will have to un-install the Win10 update for now.

Driver error Ascom Skywatcher in The Sky X Pro

Whether it was accidental or on purpose is unclear. If you select Sky Commander protocol in your planetarium software, you may lack support for Chooseer and only see a telescope cursor on screen. This describes the need to check chooset configuration before use and that the OK button will remain greyed out until this is done. This has been introduced to provide a migration path from NOVAS based components whose positional astronomy routines have been found to have reliability issues very close to the celestial poles.

Please see the notes on Deprecated Components below. You are strongly advised to be sure your site location values are correctly set in the driver settings screen.